Munich High End 2017

Munich HighEnd 2017
19th May – 21st May 2017

Every year, Munich holds one of the biggest audio related trade-shows in the world. The Munich High End. The show is always fun, with Bavarian coziness and (almost) always amazing weather to boot. Here are some of my personal impressions.


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Engineering Audio-Bliss – Earphones (Part I)

Once upon a time, we lived in a world where FLAC and DSD are yet to be discovered. Before CDs or even Vinyl was a thing. Imagine living in an era, where musical bliss was exclusive to the upper-class. Wagner, Vivaldi, Beethoven, the list goes on. Still, even those guys cared quite immensely about their acoustics. Looking at today, almost nothing has changed. Just the scale has been altered. Large wooden opera halls are now tiny little earphones, barely the size of a coin. (Electronics hooray!)

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I don’t need Clairvoyance to see this not working

Rhetoric can’t stand on it’s own. Or can it?

Is it just me or does nobody get concerned about this? While, it is no secret that science has taken a enormous dump in quality, it is still progressing fairly consistent. Moore’s Law is pretty much a thing of the past now, though. Generally, things have slowed down quite a bit.

I guess that this is going to back-fire sooner or later. To much theoretical B.S is just floating around at the moment, which in foresight will take a while to establish fundamentally sound science. This intrinsic lack of quality in higher education and the rise of “social science” is just a small sample of what is currently going on.

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Total Harmonic Bliss: September Edition

One big reason on why I created this blog was to outsource some of my reviews and opinions from Head-Fi. Admittedly, I spend way too much time and money for audio-gear. Now, I care about design. And tuning headphones and earphones is truly interesting in both mechanical and biological aspect. There are so many approaches to tuning, like frequency-response, spacial ability, reproduction of detail, et al., it’s almost overwhelming at first. Recording and reproducing sound-waves is an art in itself and came a long way.

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